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Nastya Sten @ JW Anderson Fall / Winter 2014



Nastya Sten @ JW Anderson Fall / Winter 2014


Valentino Haute Couture  Winter 2014

On the trail to Amicalola Falls, Georgia. A nice, short adventure, but I’m planning to come back in two weeks for a backpacking weekend with my father I’m so pumped!!


Member Playlists (#5): Road Trippin’ by Daise (

Armed with a map of the United States, one of my best friends and I finally sat down at a coffee shop this weekend to draw a route for our cross country road trip. For the longest time, road tripping the U.S. is something I’ve wanted to do, and I’ve been feverishly collecting songs that I’d love to have on the journey with me. These selections are just part of the collective.

Follow my Spotify for the ever-growing road trip essential playlist, to stream and to see past playlists. Watch this space, as the road trip playlist will continue to grow!

First two playlists I contributed to White Paper Quotes

#1 End of Summer (view handwritten playlist here and listen on Spotify)

#2 Good Vibes (view handwritten playlist here and listen on Spotify)

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Questions/comments? Please feel free send over some song recommendations that you think are road trip essentials. Send them over to our inbox.

im trying really hard and things have been really good lately but then I just threw myself over the edge again, the hard part is climbing back up to the top of the mountain.


Finally got to do an in depth cupping with all of the beans we have at work.


"Cherish" by Ballet School

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okay so I got a tattoo on Saturday and it started peeling yesterday, so thats three days later. Today, it’s peeling a lot and I just wanna make sure it’s not too early for that to happen - I really want this to be perfect considering it’s permanent and I paid a good amount of money for it. I just washed it with non-scent antibacterial soap and noticed a lot of black shedding going on, obviously a sign of peeling but the mark left behind is now REALLY dull and I’m prob gonna freak out if this is abnormal but I need to know HOW exactly dull and completely not what I was expecting it’s supposed to look. HELP??????